Last gasp of a winter that never was : Pen-y-Ghent circular

Last look back

Last look back

Took a walk in the Dales fairly close to home last Sunday to try out another pair of potential boots for the TGO in May. Perfect weather as winter gave one last feeble gasp.

Just a little over 15 miles (24 km) of fairly gentle walking around and over Pen-y-Ghent. I don’t often get around the back of Pen-y-Ghent and it’s a lovely quiet area. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to pop down Littondale to the Queens Arms, a 17th Century Pub, for a pint. My loss, one of the classic Dales pubs.

The weather by all predictions was due to be a wash out but it turned out to be a glorious day with an unexpected dusting of snow on the high ground, just enough for somebody to scrape together the only snowman I’ve seen this winter.

All in all a great days walk to check my trekking legs aren’t suffering from too much winter slumber.

I’ll report back on those boots later, save to say no blisters and dry feet. Things are looking up !

4 thoughts on “Last gasp of a winter that never was : Pen-y-Ghent circular

  1. I’ve just come back in from doing exactly the same thing. I’ve given up on the idea of taking my Salomon Quests as I just can’t get them comfortable around the ankle bones. So today I was back to my good old heavyweight Scarpa Nepals.
    Happiness. That’s that settled.

    That’s a cracking walk and you were but a stone’s throw from Captain Manning and TGO Challenge HQ. The Dales are frabjous.

    • A lovely area Alan, luckily only an hours drives from home. I’m heading back up to Ingleton tomorrow to spend two days backpacking the Yorkshire Limestone Lion (35 miles/50 km) to Grassington.

      I’m afraid I’ve failed to join the trail shoe brigade other than for coastal backpacking, I just enjoy dry feet too much. I take the point that trail shoes dry quicker, but they need to…they’re always wet.

      No for me it has to be boots and unfortunately I’m at that awkward stage of having recently binned my trusty pair and they’re no longer made.

    • How did you find the Quests for keeping your feet dry Alan ? I’ve been looking at the Comets but reviews seem to be a bit hit and miss whether they are waterproof in consistently wet conditions.

      • I’ve had them for quite a few years and have only used them on day walks or weekends away, but so far they have kept me perfectly dry in some rotten conditions. I’ve never taken them on the Challenge though as I’ve been concerned about getting them dry once they’ve had a dunking in a river crossing – there’s a lot of squidgy fabric & foam around the ankle that’s quite bulky and which I think could be a reservoir for water to slowly seep down to you feet the following morning.

        My Nepals, on the other hand, have no Gore-Tex and are lined with soft thin leather and have a much neater ankle cuff. It’s easy to dry them out too.

        Hope that helps.

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