TGO challenge 2014 – Final Gear List


Not to be left out, here finally after a bit of tinkering is my Gear List for the TGO.

I’ve optimistically assumed the sun will have his hat on when I set out from Strathcarron on the 9th May,  so shell jacket, gaitors, gloves, hat and windshirt etc will all be in the pack. So the total base weight is really a worst case.

Most of the  stuff here will be all too familiar, and as with everyone’s lists it’s very much a personal choice after many years finding out what works for me.


TGO Gear List

I’ve been using ULA rucksacks for quite a few years now, since the original ULA P-2 was released. I still use the P-2 when I need to lug more gear during the winter, but for the rest of the year I use a ULA Circuit. They’re easily the best rucksacks I’ve ever used. Not the last word in ultra-light, but strong, practical comfortable and simple.

I’ve included my camera in the base weight even though it actually hangs separately.

Some of the things in my pack that may not be all that familiar include;

BAM Baselayers

Been wearing these over the last year or so as I have a bit of an allergy to wool and even merino feels uncomfortable for me to wear. BAM clothing is made from 70+% bamboo viscose, super comfy, and naturally anti-odourant. Once worn there was no going back. Unbelievably comfortable and soft, I could live in them permanently. They weigh more than other base layers, but it’s one of those luxury items where I don’t mind the extra grams.

Vivobarefoot Ultra Trainers

Vivobarefoot Ultra

Vivobarefoot Ultra

These are unusual looking, but basically are a two piece barefoot running shoe, with an amphibious outer and an inner sock. They can be worn together or seperate. The beauty being that you can use the outer shoe for river crossings and still keep the inner dry. At 240g for the outers I may just take those and wear them with my spare thick socks in camp; but even with the inners they’re still not much over 400g for the pair.

Tecsun PL-100 Radio

Tecsun PL-100

Tecsun PL-100

Another luxury item. I don’t like isolating myself from the sounds of the surrounding countryside when I’m backpacking so don’t take earphones. I also prefer radio to taking an MP3, and at 70g for a radio with speaker the Tecsun is great.

Montbell UL Down Jacket -> UniQlo Ultra Lite

UniQlo Ultra Lite Down Jacket

UniQlo Ultra Lite Down Jacket

Nothing new here, and the Montbell UL  is the insulator I normally pack for evenings outside of winter. But it may also be the one piece of kit I switch at the last minute. Only because last year I found an absolute bargain at UniQlo in London (sort of Japanese version of H&M, Primark etc). They’ve been selling an ultra-light down jacket recently for only £40. Ridiculously cheap, contains great quality 640 power European down and a shell material that is extremely fine and soft. Can’t praise this jacket enough, incredible value and feather-light at only 205 g.


So there we have it. Just got to print off my maps and send some fresh clothes up to Montrose and I’m all set.

3 thoughts on “TGO challenge 2014 – Final Gear List

  1. John Boy,
    Thank you so much for posting such a detailed gear list. We are making final selections for the TGO and added a few things after looking at your list. Love your site. So inspiring. Hope to meet you on the crossing.

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