Trekkertent ‘A’ frame set up : Now that’s what I call customer service !

Trekkertent Stealth with single front pole

Trekkertent Stealth with single front pole

If you’ve read my last post giving a positive initial review of the Trekkertent Stealth tent, then you will know that one of the only things I’d like to do is to improve the access. The best solution would be to see if the STEALTH could be used with a front ‘A’ frame set-up.

Well Marc at Trekkertent came up trumps with the quickest show of customer service I’ve yet witnessed.

After being alerted to my review, Marc at Trekkertent emailed me (without prompting) to let me know that the STEALTH is in fact designed also to be used with an ‘A’ frame.

Marc included some photo’s he’d taken recently, showing how quick and simple it is to rig up.  You need poles at least 1350mm long and it works best with the baskets attached he explained. The front internal guy line can be switched to the external ‘D’ ring for this purpose.

Marc has kindly allowed me to reproduce his photo’s here so you can see the set-up. I think it looks great, a very neat solution indeed and by all accounts very stable.

Trekkertent A pole 1

Photo reproduced by kind permission of TREKKERTENT

Photo used by kind permission of TREKKERTENT

Photo reproduced by kind permission of TREKKERTENT

Photo used by kind permission of TREKKERTENT

Photo reproduced by kind permission of TREKKERTENT

Photo used by kind permission of TREKKERTENT

Photo reproduced by kind permission of TREKKERTENT

And as a very unexpected gesture, Marc also offered to send me a short pole for the rear of the tent in case I want to use it in this configuration with my trekking poles at the front. (The STEALTH doesn’t come with the rear pole as standard and it would normally be an additional purchase from Bear Bones Bivvy Gear, so this offer is really above and beyond the call of retailing duty).

What I may also do is attach a split pole connector to each of the front door tie-back loops, which when clipped to my trekking poles will also help hold the side panels out (these clips do not require sewing in, they slip onto an existing webbing loop…..perfect).

Marc also explained that his French customers have requested side panel tie-outs, about a third of the height up the side panels directly above the  pegging loops on the hem. In fact these will probably now be fitted as standard in the future but they can also be retro fitted to existing Trekkertents.

All in all I think that this is a great example of an outdoors company which really values it’s customers. Long may it continue.

18 thoughts on “Trekkertent ‘A’ frame set up : Now that’s what I call customer service !

  1. What a fabulous move from Trekkertent! To make the front A-frame set-up a bit more stable I would take a length of 3mm cord and use it to hold your poles in position so the bases don’t slip sideways. A simple clove hitch round the handles should do the job.

    • Good idea Alan. As a already have a 150cm length of thin paracord to set the front width correctly I may simply extend that a little at either end and it can do both jobs.

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  3. I have just ordered the Stealth in Green. Marc is brilliant and so helpful – he even offered to personally deliver the tent to my home in Cumbria so it arrived before Christmas – as you say, ‘above and beyond’. Having had a discussion with Marc and made a few of my own mods to the outer and inner, I should take delivery in the new year. Mods include replacing the inner door’s single ‘J’ zip with two straight ones to open up the triangle right to the edges, hinging the inner door on the other side as I am a lefty, and adding additional storm guys on the long side. I know these will add a few more grams but I will just have to work harder or take less gear. Full pack for a night in the fells is now down to 14.5 pounds so not doing too bad. Great service by Trekkertent – I wish them every success.

    • In many ways I wish I’d taken the option of additional storm guys on the long sides, just in case the wind turns. But true to form Marc said these could easily be added later if I need them. Glad to hear your experience is equally as possitive as mine. He seems to be tweeking designs all the time, great to see.

  4. Sounds great, mine is due for delivery soon. Having used similar designs before, I find the A pole configuration offers a very stable tent. What length is your rear pole please?

  5. Hi John,

    I’ve been playing with an A-frame setup for my Stealth this morning and was wondering how you attach the split connectors without any sewing, I have the webbing loops at the front that they can slide on to but how do you keep them from sliding straight off? (I don’t have the split connectors yet so I may be missing something really obvious!)

    • Hi Dave. if you look at the photo of the split rings you’ll notice that there’s a ridge along the curved clip part. That’s not actually a ridge, it’s in fact where the clip part is split into two (like two curved parallel fingers). So you slip the connector on to your webbing loop by pulling these two fingers apart slightly and sliding your webbing loop between them. That’s not a very good explanation, but hope it’ll become clear when you get them.

  6. Good to see I’m not the only one who believes in the A-Frame setup.
    For me, is due to my way of travelling: I cycle, so I’ve no walking poles. But the front wheel of my bike works perfect to support the rear end of the Stealth1; I loop the gyline around the wheel once and it becomes very stable even in strong winds (unless one does touring with deep profile wheels?).

    For the front, I agree with the inconvenience of a single pole. So I built myself a set of carbon poles, this way I have the entrance fully usable, and the tent becomes even more steady.

    Despite the very low weight (150gr), the triangular arrangement altogether with the tension in the guylines and the fabric, makes for a very stable structure.
    Before going out, I had it pitched for an entire week in my back garden: no sag, no loosening of the guylines, no leaks from the rain & frost that occurred in that week, there was some pretty strong wind too (the lawnmower was blown away in the middle of the garden).

    One day I’ll write down about it in my WordPress, if you’re interested check out those pictures:

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