2014 – A year in review

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Miles walked: 810 (short of my 1000 mile target, but doesn’t include 266 miles of evening TGO training walks)

Longest trip: 220 miles  on the TGO challenge

Nights under canvas: 22 (not nearly enough)

High point: Laughing over a pint with the Chuckle Brothers until it hurt, in Braemar on the TGO **

Low Point: Doing an accidental back flip into a deep peaty ditch on day 1 of the TGO

Best days walk: Second day of the Limestone Lion from Malham to Grassington on a gloriously sunny spring day

Most expensive piece of kit purchased: Z-Packs 20 degree sleeping bag

Best piece of kit purchased: Vivo Barefeet ultralight trainers

Piece of kit I actually didn’t need to buy: All of it…it’s pure indulgence

Gear purchase excuses I used : (I) Orange is no longer fashionable. (ii) My life may depend on it, (iii) This one goes to 11

What I did too much of : Looking out of the window and deciding to wait until the weather was better

What I didn’t do enough of: Getting out while the weather ‘was’ good ** Not the Chuckle Brothers, obviously.


4 thoughts on “2014 – A year in review

  1. What a good idea. I will steal it and do something similar on my blog. I think we’d all better label our Z packs sleeping bags with our names before the TGOC in May to avoid sleeping bag mix up nightmare. We all seem to have bought them or have orders in – you, me, Martin Rye, Andy Walker, Matt Holland…..

    • Must admit I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. When I first lay it out on the floor it did look shockingly small, even given I’d ordered a wide, extra long ! Perhaps it’s just the shape that makes it look small however; when I overlay my usual bag on top the size is pretty similar (hood excepting). Love the way you can throw it in the air and it just seems to float to the floor.

    • Can’t claim credit for that really David, It’s a WordPress gizmo. Choose the slides and hey presto ! Happy to take credit for the photos however, given a helping hand from the photogenic weather we seem to get around Calderdale.

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