My MLD Duomid pole set up – simple and light

I recently purchased some new trekking poles to use with my TrekkerTent Stealth and in the process I’ve sorted myself a super light and quick way of joining poles together for my MLD Duomid.

The current poles I use are Mounatin King Super Trekker Compact which are cheap and light and have taken some severe battering over the years and coped well. But at a maximum 130cm fully extended they’re not long enough to use as an A-frame with the Stealth which requires 135-140cm poles. To replace these I settled on a pair of Fizan Broadpeak 3, which at 240g a piece are still a decent weight.


These Fizan poles have a relatively new locking system which Fizan call their Concept System. which is an external locking system like Flik Locks, but clamps down onto the outside of the poles using a twist mechanism. It’s simple, has no fiddly parts which could fail and you can really exert some force and lock them down extremely tight. DSC_0375

This means that presumably the locking system should be able to clamp down onto any tube which will slide inside it. So I removed the bottom section and measured the internal diameter of the middle section…..14mm exactly. A quick search on Ebay sourced me a length of 14mm carbon fibre tube for the grand sum of £7, which slides perfectly inside the middle section of the poles with a reassuring glove like fit. Cut to a reasonable length and with a couple of strips of tape to mark off the correct length for a 145cm set up, and the jobs done.

So now all I have to do to pitch is remove the bottom sections of the trekking poles, and join them with the length of carbon fibre pole.


It’s rock solid, there’s no danger of damaging internal locking mechanisms through continually removing them…….and that little length of carbon fibre tube weighs 15g.

And if I need to adjust the length when pitched it’s still easy. Just a case of twisting the locking mechanism open without having to twist the poles.

Lovely job.

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