TGO Challenge 2015 completed


Yesterday I finished the 2015 TGO Challenge at Dunnottar Castle on the east coast of Scotland.

This was my second TGO Challenge and in almost all ways couldn’t have been more different from my first coast to coast crossing last year. I’d planned a high level route this time, and that combined with more extreme weather, some high winds and cold air temperatures made it a much more challenging trek.
In all I walked 240 miles (370 km), climbed 27 munros and  corbetts, and carried my pack over 56,000 ft (17,000 m) of ascent.

This year’s challenge ranks amongst the most enjoyable backpacking trips I’ve ever done, an absolute joy from start to finish. Stunning scenery and magical walking. As ever none of this would have been possible without the organisers and vetters so a big big thank you to them all. The TGO Challenge is a unique experience, there is nothing else quite like it.

I’ve not decided yet how I’m going to write up the walk on my blog, but once I’m home, cleaned up and rested more posts and photos will follow.

But for now it’s the long train journey home.


7 thoughts on “TGO Challenge 2015 completed

    • Thanks Stuart. I managed to follow the basic route I’d set out in an earlier post, but had to alter a few days due to particularly bad weather around Glen Coe. I’m planning to give a brief review of the route and changes I made in my next post.

      • I will look forward to reading it John, just going through the your “site” Very interesting and a breath of fresh air…….
        Excellent cheers

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