15g Coffee Filter

Being a Yorkshire man to the bone I generally have nothing but tea flowing through my veins. For most walks my standard pack includes four Yorkshire tea bags for every day.

Lately though I’ve discovered the joy of sitting outside at my evenings Wildcamp drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee. And as much as I normally prefer tea, I have to say that fresh coffee just rounds a day in the hills off perfectly.

So I’ve been on the look out for a cheap lightweight coffee filter.

I spotted the ‘MSR Mugmate’ on Amazon which looked perfect, but baulked at paying £16 for a piece of plastic and gauze. But a quick search revealed that identical unbranded filters sell for less than £6. so I ordered something called the Finum Brewing Basket.


It’s really intended for brewing with loose tea, but works perfectly with ground coffee. It also fits perfectly inside my Alpkit titanium mug, bridged across the opening and holding the bottom of the filter just off the bottom of the mug.

Basically it’s just a plastic frame holding a fine stainless steel mesh basket. Holds back the coffee grounds very well, and easily washed in the dish washer at the end of a trip. It also comes with a lid which doubles as a drip tray once you remove it from your mug.

At only 15 grams, and for less than £6 including postage, it’s now a standard item in my pack.

And as for MSR……well they can keep their logo if it’s going to cost me an extra £10 for the privilege.

2 thoughts on “15g Coffee Filter

  1. Nice review! I use a different silicone drip cone, but this is very impressive since you don’t need paper filters to go with it. I imagine, in a pinch, you could use this to strain turpidity out of dirty water as well. Thanks for the writeup.

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