My 2015 wild camps


In all I managed a respectable 31 nights out wild camping in 2015, in a mix of sublime and atrocious  weather, at locations from high mountain vistas to a sand dune bivvy.  Most of these were spent in a trusty favourite, my Tarptent Notch. But I also managed to squeeze in the odd night in my old Hilleberg Akto, a MLD Cuben Duomid, Trekkertent Stealth and a tarp. Here’s a montage of some of last years wild camps.


3 thoughts on “My 2015 wild camps

  1. Hi, just been enjoying reading your blog and there is a burning question I have about shelters. For months I have been deliberating between a Tarp Tent Notch and a Trekkertent Stealth (1:5). I see you have both models. Which would you consider the better option?
    My track record with shelter, well, extensive to the point people who know me are waiting for my next purchase so they can take the previous version off my hands. The last one being an Akto, that I simply hated in preference to my beloved Scarp1, which sadly has seen better days. No amount of reproofing can bring the inner back. So something new(to me) and exciting, is on the cards.
    I am looking for a tad lighter but, without risk of exposure. The Notch from Henry and Marc’s Stealth would appear to fit the bill.
    Any advice?

    • Hi Bobby, if it’s any consolation I’ve owned more than 20 solo tents over the years but find it very hard to part with any. I’ve only ever sold three, and another two bit the dust. So I still have more than fifteen from almost 40 years of backpacking (a few gems in there!).

      Of all those the one that I have had most pleasure from using has been the Notch, hands down. It doesn’t excel at anything in particular; I have lighter shelters (SMD Lunar Solo), stronger shelters (Phoenix Phreeruner), and more spacious shelters (TT Stratospire 1)….but the Notch just seems to be the one that does a bit of everything well. It does need a little bit of easy tinkering to get the best out of it and make it storm worthy, but nothing much. Funny you ask the question however as one of the only tents I’ve sold over the years is the Stealth, and that isn’t because it’s not a good tent (it’s superb), but simply because there was too much overlap with the Notch. I didn’t need both.

      So why the Notch? Comes mainly down to comfort. Put simply I can get in & out easier with side entrances, and if the wind changes I can still enter from a dry side. I can also sit up in it easily, cook sitting up, pack sitting up etc. In fact packing in the morning was one of the deciders; much easier inside the Notch. The inner space is narrow (not much more than matt width), but you have almost the same width of headroom…and that makes a huge difference. And with two vestibules, organising kit is easier. I usually take a short DAC pole (~18″) which I can use to hold up one of the doors and make a nice cooking canopy. Often leave it pitched like that overnight even if it’s raining as it still covers the vestibule entrance. It’s a doddle to set up too.

      Bottom line is, if the house was on fire and I could only save one tent, it would be the Notch.

      Two caveats; I wouldn’t pack it if the weather was predicted to be very bad. It’s held up fine with the slight mods and has never failed in high winds, but if I knew the wind was going to be over say >50-60mph, I’d pack one of my other tents. Also, I’m 5’11” and slim. That’s suits the Notch fine as the inner footprint is long and thin. But for a more stocky person, it may be a bit tight in width.

    • p.s. Have you considered the Stratospire 1 ? Bags of space, two big vestibules and very stable in the wind. It’s like a Hex but with the benefit of a good width of headroom. Will still shave a good weight off the Scarp. It’s the one I take if the weathers looking bad or I predict I’ll be spending a lot of time holed up. Think of it like a Notch on streriods.

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