A Life’s Walk

A Grand Tour around the perimeter of the British Isles

“I don’t know where I’m going but, I’m on my way” – Carl Sagan

I’m afraid I am one of those restless people who feels they may as well just go back to bed if I wake up in the morning without a purpose or goal for the day. But the flip side is that once I decide to do something I become obsessed to the point of distraction.

So having decided a few months ago to walk away from the job and career I’d had for 33 years and spend more time doing what I enjoy, I knew that had to be more than simply spending more days walking and backpacking…there had to be some greater purpose to it.

Back in 1985 when I’d backpacked from Lands End to John O’Groats as a slightly naive teenager, and schoolboy hero’s were either Division 1 footballers with mullets or the occasional blonde haired Aussy golfer, two people that inspired me most were John Hillaby, and John Merrill. John Hillaby’s account of his 1968 LEJOG trek in ‘Journey through Britain’ became the inspiration for my own 1250 mile journey on foot, while John Merrill’s diary of his 7,000 mile walk around the coast of Britain became well, just a pipedream for the next 36 years.

But here I am all those decades later, still loving backpacking as much as I ever did, with a fulfilling career behind me, and free time ahead. Time to flick through the pages of those books and get some inspiration.

And I guess this is when you realise that the passage of time has subtly changed your